Saturday, February 6, 2010

"It's never goodbye...."

Matt left yesterday for Afghanistan. It's been an emotionally challenging week for all of us which including but was not limited to: a very sick baby, moving, manifest day getting moved up... I am surprised I have an ounce of sanity left. It was really hard saying "see you later" (we NEVER say goodbye) but we made it short and sweet and not drawn out. It's hard enough as it is...

My trip home was long and stressful. Almost didn't make my connecting flight thanks to some weather in Chicago. But we made it here around 11:30 last night. Shane did great, slept almost the whole time which was much needed for me.

Matt emailed me this morning (and called but I just missed his phone call) and let me know he had a short layover in Germany. I probably won't hear from him again until he gets to his final destination.

So here we go, round 2.

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