Thursday, February 3, 2011

Absence makes the heart grow fonder

But also makes you a terrible blogger!

I'm back for now. Probably going to need a new blog since we'll be welcoming our soldier home VERY shortly!

The move went as well as any move could go I guess. It took Amy and I 20 hours to get from Massachusetts to Clarksville with stops at West Point and DC. I don't think my tush is every going to be the same.

I am loving our new place, the proximity to post, and being with my girls again. Shane had a rough adjustment period paired with incoming 2 year molars made for a very tired and stressed momma last week.

Here are a few sneak peak pictures of the new house:

Once the hubs is home safe and sound and we've gotten settled, I'll post more of the new abode and of course homecoming pictures!

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