Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Some Deployment Info

Just for anyone wants it, here is Matt's address in Afghanistan:

SGT Kenney
FSC 1-187IN BN
FOB Orgun-E
APO AE 09311

Our FRG leader said mail is known to be really slow, about 3-4 weeks so allow plenty of time for holiday/birthday mail. Just a heads up, his birthday is March 20th :) I am going to be sending out one big care package a month and will be posting any special requests he has on here. If you want me to throw anything into his package, please let me know and I'll save you the shipping! I know things like beef jerky, sunflower seeds, Camel Lights (yes, its a filthy habit), Gillette fusion razors, Twizzlers would be much appreciated!

He will have internet access so emails should be pretty frequent unless lines go down or there is a reason for them to shut down communication. His email address is

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