Monday, March 8, 2010

One Month Down!

Last Friday marked one month since Matt had left for Afghanistan. I am so amazed at how quickly these days have been flying and I am so thankful. Shane is keeping me so busy and entertained. He is quite the performer and always full of smiles. I thank God everyday for this amazing gift and the true blessing have a child is. I could not imagine my life without him.

As for Matt, he is still doing well. Working 18 hours days though so he has little time for much else besides sleep. He has "adopted" a dog named Hercules and soon we will be trying to raise money to bring him back to the States. It costs quite a bit to get him shipped back but he will have such a better life as our dog than he will in the Afghani mountains. Matt says he is more interested in being pet than dog treats! So if we raise enough money before Matt has to leave that particular FOB he should be on his way back to the States. We need to find a place for him to stay until I get back to Clarksville though since my parents have 4 cats and my mom isn't a huge fan of dogs. We will see how things go though. I'm trying not to think too far ahead though.

So far he has gotten some mail. I have sent him out a few packages and lots of cards but it takes about 2 weeks to get there. I can't wait for him to get his birthday package! For those of you who don't know, I sent him a cake-in-a-jar! We haven't been able to celebrate his birthday together since his 20th so I want him to have some comforts of home. He doesn't know about it though so I can't wait to hear his reaction!

I am going to be sending him a new USB cable for his camera so hopefully we'll be getting some pictures of Afghanistan soon! I'll be keeping you updated! Thanks for reading!!

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