Monday, September 13, 2010

You make me smile ♥

Okay, I have to do one of those posts. The ones where you gush about your husband. What can I say? He's pretty freaking amazing.

Matt recently switched companies. He was attached to a forward support company as an infantryman which I knew as soon as he came home and told me, was not going to be good. Not to sound like a snot (and I'm not an infantryman) but infantry guys have a certain level to which they like to perform and they have a way of doing things not all other MOS's understand. Just from being at this new company for a week, I have seen SUCH a change in him. He is happy, he feels like is part of a brotherhood, he feels included and that makes for a happier husband and happier wife. I hated hearing himself be down on himself or have something crappy happen. Deployments are tough as it is and he was miserable being away from us and miserable in that company. It has been night and day.

I cannot use the word "proud" enough. I am SO proud of my husband, of his battalion and of his brigade. They have done amazing things in the areas they have been controlling while they have been there and have gained some really positive attention from some pretty important people. Matt made a decision to go to this unit for the opportunity to deploy again. And while having him deployed hasn't been a walk in the park for me, he is doing what he wanted to do and all I can be is supportive. Keep things together on the home front so he has nothing to worry about but the mission. Raising Shane has been a challenge but he is such a great kid and I was thrilled to know that Matt really appreciated everything I've done and that I'd been doing a good job with him. This is my first time raising a child so it's foreign territory for me and more of a challenge than I had expected. But I love being a mom and he is so worth it!

We are in the home stretch of this deployment (only 3-4 months left!!!) and while his new mission doesn't thrill me, I am confident in him as a soldier and NCO and the guys that he's with. I will be moving back (depending his redeployment date) in about 2.5 months so I can set up house and get some of my sanity back. We are on the waiting list for housing so I am praying that a house will be available when we need it. I don't want to have to sign a lease anywhere.

So that's it for now. I love that husband of mine and I can't wait to have my "mountain ninja" home.

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