Saturday, June 19, 2010

"Can we hike this Freedom Trail?"

Since SOMEONE gave me crap about not writing about our visit and even though I should be headed to bed, I will blog just for her!

Monica and Luke (my two favorite Indiana-ians) came in last Saturday for a long weekend of fun! Being around another Army wife and new mommy was such a nice change. While I do have a support group here, there is NOTHING like being with someone who completely understands your struggles, bad days, and the time needed to be spent on the phone/skype with your soldier. Saturday was pretty crappy weather wise so we laid low, did some quick shopping up at the mall I work at, and had pizza and watched a movie.

Sunday I was able to show her some of the history of my wonderful state that I am so proud of. We went to North Bridge in Concord where the Revolutionary War essentially began. I enjoy history probably a little more than I should and the thought that I am standing on the ground where so many men lost their lives in order to gain our independence gives me goosebumps every time. We learned that brakes on baby carriages are a MUST and that trees aren't always as easy to climb as they appear to be. We had a great lunch down in the center of Concord then headed back to Westford since the babies had enough of our sight seeing.

Monday I took her into good ole Beantown where I had to explain to her why we were called Beantown. Our first stop was Make Way for Ducklings in the Public Garden and then I proceeded to illegally feed the ducks at the pond. Whoops! I'm glad she enjoyed how gorgeous the park was. I have always had a soft spot for that area especially this time of the year. We walked through the common and followed some of the Freedom Trail into Fanueil Hall for a bit of souvenir shopping and lunch at Cheers. We stopped by the Old Town Hall where the Declaration of Independence was read to the public and where the Boston Massacre occurred. I wish I was able to take her over to Bunker Hill and Paul Revere's house but the little ones were definitely being pushed to their max so we headed back home. That night was a bit of a shit show if I do say so myself. That day also happened to be the Army's 235th birthday so we drunkenly baked and decorated a cake. I don't think much more explanation is needed. I'll let you use your imagination.

On their last full day here, we went up to Maine which really sparked the idea of her whole trip. Ogunquit is probably my favorite place ever. Matt and I have great memories up there and my parents have a time-share up there every July so I've spent quite a bit of time up in that area. Luke had his first ocean experience and Shane had his second which resulted in a very wet toddler for me and a drowned camera for Monica. We did some souvenier shopping and then drove a bit down route 1 for some lunch at the Maine Diner (YUM!). I promised her a trip to Coach so we hit the Kittery Outlets on the way back. We both made out pretty well at the outlets without using my discount.

Overall, it was such a great time to spend with a wonderful friend. I am sad we don't live closer but I know in this crazy Army life we may end up sharing a duty station again. Until then, I am going to look forward to our joint family vacation in a few years! Love ya favey!!!

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  1. OK you know what, work can suck it (though it probably isn't good enough Haha)...this blog needed to be written SOONER! Love ya too Favey McFavester!