Monday, June 28, 2010

**Insert scream of frustration here**

WHY do my instructors feel it necessary to pile on load of work the week of my FAVORITE HOLIDAY!?

I have 3 mini-papers, one large paper, 2 discussion questions, and participation posts (2 posts, 4 separate days) to complete by Sunday.

Did I mention I was working three nights this week and Saturday 10-3? And a baseball game with my family Saturday night? And then there is this little holiday called 4th of July Sunday where we are having about 20-30 people over the house.

And to do all this on top of my daily routine with Booger AND keep with my C25K challenge.

Did I mention its about 6 weeks till DH comes home? So I am now starting to get those millions of little things written out and planned for. Its so stressful with so many things being up in air right now. We have "kind of" dates but until I know his flight schedule and that he's on his way to the US, I won't be at ease.

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