Saturday, July 31, 2010

Bad blog mommy!

I have seriously been neglecting my duty as a blogger lately and been posting super short posts really with not a huge update on life! So I guess from taht you can deduct, its been a pretty hectic last few weeks! So here goes the fill in:

Shane had his 15 month old check up last Friday. He is 34 inches and 26.4 lbs! BIG BOY! He is golden on all the physical movements he's supposed to be doing but I addressed my concern about how little he talks. He was a late babbler when he was a baby so I don't know if this is following that pattern but I'd much rather be safe than sorry and if he is having trouble talking, I want to get it check out ASAP. I've decided to call Early Intervention and have him evaluated to be on the safe side. I'd much rather be overly cautious on this than denying he might have some trouble and letting it go too far. Best case scenario is that he just needs a push in the right direction and I need some tips to help him and worse case is there is actually a developmental issue but at this age it will be a much better outcome if he is diagnosed and we get him in with a speech therapist. He is smart, that I cannot deny. He figures things out quickly and has already shown an interest in puzzles. He brings me objects when I ask for them and he shows desire to want to communicate with me. To be perfectly honest, my biggest fear is autism. Matt's youngest brother was diagnosed with Aspbergers 3 years ago so that is always in the back of my mind since we don't know what causes autism. So other than that, things have been great with my bug. He is growing SO much and learning to do new things every day! He LOVES to eat. I talked to Matt about it and his reaction was "My poor wallet". I guess its payback for his teenage years!

Speaking of the hubbs, we don't have much longer till R&R! Its definitely hitting me and the anxiety and anticipation has been driving me wild! I have been really trying to push myself during my work outs and trying to do something every day instead of every other day. I started tanning to fix my horrible tan lines from taking Shane in the pool. The next week or so I have everything planned out to what day I get the car washed (which HOPEFULLY will be fixed by Tuesday) to getting my pedi/mani. I am trying my hardest to stay busy which has been a struggle since I do have a lot to do just not really things I want to do. School has been kicking my ass lately. I have NEVER had a class where I've had so much work to do in such a short period of time not to mention I have to have my finals turned in early since the weekend they are due happens to be when Matt and I are away in Maine with NO internet connection (not that I'm wanting to bring a laptop anyway :) ). So in the next say week and a half I have to do three weeks worth of school work including two final projects and get myself ready for seeing my husband again for the first time in 6 months. I need a drink just thinking about it!

Update on my poor Corolla: The other driver was found negligent in the accident so I paid no deductible and it didn't affect my insurance rates. I was so thrilled when i got the copy of the police report that he had placed her at fault even though no citation was issued at the scene. So right now my baby is being fixed but the adjuster made some mistakes and not all of the parts were ordered to fix it so now I am waiting on the supplement from the other drivers insurance. I dropped the car off a week ago so I am getting anxious to have her back!

So really that's it for now! Stayed tuned...

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