Friday, July 9, 2010

Bad blogger...

Apologies for the lack of blogging lately.

Last week was a FUBAR of school, work, and daily life. I barely had time to think never the less blog. This week has been significantly less hectic but I'm been attempting to find the marbles I lost last week which has been quite the process. Here we, Friday, and about 5 WEEKS till R&R(!!!!!!!!!) Can you tell I'm just slightly excited???

The next several weeks are going to be tad bit insane as well. Sunday-Monday night bugger and I are heading up to Maine to visit my parents while they are on vacation. I would have LOVED to go up the whole week like we did last year but their time share room is just way too small for all of us. So we are just going to go up for two days. I could spend a lifetime in Maine but Matt and I will be back up there for our romantic getaway in just a few weeks. The In-Laws will be visiting the 16th-whenever (not sure what is planned) but I have a lot going on that week too with appointments and such so I probably won't see them much. The following week is the BEGINNING OF AUGUST which means preparation for R&R will be in effect.

C25K is going well. I am really enjoying running and looking forward to it the days that I do. I haven't worked in a workout every day just yet because I don't want to overextend myself or exhaust myself and then give up. I haven't noticed the number on the scale go down (actually I think I've plateaued) but I have noticed a difference in my shape and how clothes fit so I am trying to judge by that. Still have been off diet soda (YAY!) and I have the occasional decaf coffee. But I have found a friend in my own Arnold Palmer with green tea and lemonade (both Crystal Light packets) and I drink a lot of that on top of the massive amounts of water I've been inhaling. The heat we've had has made it easy for me to take in the recommended amount of water and I can feel a huge difference when I am not properly hydrated.

So that's it for now. I have the house to myself next week so I will try and update when I can!

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