Friday, July 9, 2010

My poor Corolla

My BRAND NEW CAR had a boo-boo today. Technically I hit her, I had no other choice. She pulled out from a stop sign/flashing red light when I was driving down a MAIN ROAD. Thank goodness I had already slowed down so I only hit her going maybe 25 instead of the normal 40 mph. The police haven't put anyone at blame (yet) but I am sure going to fight for her insurance to totally cover me. She should have been paying attention and looking. If she had actually looked, she would have seen me. My car is not hard to spot and while that intersection isn't the greatest, everyone in my town knows you need to be careful.

The most important thing is that Shane is totally fine. I have been having some neck and shoulder soreness from tensing up when we hit but so far Shane has shown no effects at all. God was truly looking out for us that day. If I had been going any faster, I may not have walked away from that situation (she would have t-boned me) and that is a scary enough thought for me to truly be sure that He was looking out for us.

So here's some pictures of my poor car. I am already itching to get her fixed!

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