Sunday, May 30, 2010

Memorial Day

I hope everyone is having a safe and fun weekend! I hope you all take a minute to really remember the reason why the majority of us have tomorrow off. Men and women have served our country and died serving our country. We owe our freedom and liberties to them and in my eyes every day should be memorial day. For those who have lost loved ones, I'm sure this holiday is so bittersweet. Even for me, having a husband deployed, this holiday is a tough one.

As most of you by now, Obama will not be attending the wreath laying at Arlington National Cemetery this year. He is trying to defend his actions because he is not "pro-military" yet he laid the wreath last year (I was there to see that). Now I know that it is not a mandatory event, but it needs to be. Whether or not you are "pro-military" doesn't have anything to do with the respect you should show our troops. ANC is the most sacred place in our country and it represents everything that Memorial Day stands for. Why on Earth would the President of the United States and the Commander in Chief of our armed services be anywhere else?

I am extremely opinionated in my political views but I am open to every one elses as well. I will not write you off because you beliefs are different than mine, just make sure if you're going to argue with me, you have valid points and your facts straight. Nothing makes me madder that a "just because" answer.

Anyway, sorry for my mini-rant. I was able to voice my opinion on a local radio station yesterday and man did that feel GREAT.

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  1. Did he really say he wasn't "pro-military" or did someone make that up? If it's true, that is unbelievable. I don't see how any person, not just the president, can blow off such an important day in our country, no matter what their political views are. EVERY person should see it as their personal duty to be thankful towards our Armed Forces who put this country first and protect their freedoms. Especially grateful to those who gave their lives doing so. But this isn't a grateful nation for the most part, and it's an absolute disgrace.

    Thanks for allowing me a place to vent. :)