Friday, May 21, 2010


Hey everyone! Just writing you from my “vacation”! Here’s how a typical day goes! I get up around 6:30-7 AM to a crying child who wants his momma. I then feed him, change him, play with him for about 2 hours until its time for a nap which most of the time he fights by screaming for 10 minutes. While he’s napping, I do about an hour of homework while juggling laundry, cleaning up after him, and maybe catching my deployed husband online for a few minutes. The peace is broken usually about 2 hours later and we start the routine all over again! Food, diaper change, and lots of playing! Somewhere in there, I might get to eat myself.
My afternoon consists of running errands and trying to wrangle a very busy 1 year old that has just learned to walk. All of this while constantly worrying about my husband’s safety and well-being. Around 3 o’clock, little one takes a nap and I’ll do another hour or so of school work and get ready for work that evening. Around 5 PM I head up to work where I try to sell expensive handbags to people for 3 hours. I get home around 10 PM and work on school work for another hour before I get some alone time where I can go onto Facebook and chat with friends. Then comes the most FUN part of my vacation: insomnia.
So as you can tell, my “vacation” is so relaxing and rejuvenating. I suggest every one try being a temporary single parent, full time student, and working part-time all while having a husband deployed to a war zone AND living with your parents! It’s a BLAST!

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  1. Your vacation sounds so relaxing! Mine is fairly similar--it's so nice being on a 12 month break from life :)