Thursday, May 6, 2010


I've made a few changes. First off being the fact this is now a public blog. It's just easier to share my story with the world this way. Second, new pictures, new layout, jazzed things up a little big. Feeling a bit creative. Thanks for the header, Carol!

We're now 3 months deep into this monster of a deployment. Spring has come in and while I am enjoying the gorgeous green and perfect temperature, my allergies are not. Shane is too enjoying the beautiful weather since we get to play outside a lot more. I finished my FIRST semester of online school with a 3.84 which I am totally thrilled about. Matt is doing... I guess I could say well. As well as one can be in a war zone and away from his family. He is very much looking forward to his R&R this summer as are all of us waiting anxiously at home for him.

I am going to try something new with this blog. I want to be better about documenting my days since life truly seems to be passing by me. I want to get out, do more, have more adventures with my son because he is only going to be this age once and I want to soak in every smile, every shriek, and yes, every dirty diaper. So from now on, I will be blogging our adventures.

Thanks for reading and as always, much love.

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